Healthy Pregnancy

Preparing for your new baby is an exciting time! Part of that preparation needs to include preparing yourself, both physically and emotionally, for the changes that are on the way.

Know What to Expect

Learn about routine tests, exercise, healthy eating, preparing for childbirth, breastfeeding and more.

Pregnancy information from the CDC

Before Pregnancy

During Pregnancy

After the Baby Arrives


Things You Can Do

There are steps you can take to help keep yourself and your baby healthy during your pregnancy, including:

  • Take a prenatal vitamin or a multivitamin with folic acid, if possible at least three months before you start trying to become pregnant. As always, consult your physician prior to adding any new medication, including vitamins.
  • Schedule your prenatal visit within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Be sure to keep all your appointments with your doctor.
  • Schedule your postpartum check-up between three and six weeks after your baby is born.
  • Talk to your doctor if you feel sad or depressed after delivery.




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Additional Resources

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